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“TERMANIK MODULE” for Heating Oil in a Tank

At the beginning of 2019, The Scientific Industrial Enterprise Nauchno-Proizvodstvennoe Predpriyatie “Termicheskiye Tekhnologii” shipped the next modular electric boiler house “TERMANIK MODULE” on the basis of inductive-conductive electric boilers “Termanik”.

This equipment intends for heating oil in an RVS-5000 tank with a 5000 m3 capacity. In accordance with technological requirements, the equipment must provide continuum heating of the product (oil) from + 15°С to + 50°С (from +60 to 120°F) taking into account the oil circulation of 500 m3 / day. at environment temperature from –50°С to + 40°С (–120°F to + 100°F).

Установка подогрева нефти в резервуаре

To solve this problem, specialists of NPP “ThermoTech” suggested using inductive-conductive boilers with a total power of 480 kW (3×160 kW) in a block-modular design complete factory readiness. In addition to the induction boilers and the modular building itself there are the main and backup circulation pumps, a control system, instrumentation and control equipment, a pressure boosting station, an expansion tank, pipeline and shutoff valves in composition.

Узел нагрева нефти в резервуаре

Considering that this is already a second purchase of our products to this customer, we are pleased to realize that the equipment has established itself at its best and is in stable demand.

To order the same equipment, or any other heating equipment, fill out the terms of reference (calculations are provided for free): link.

Нефтеперерабатывающий завод нагрев резервуаров с нефтью