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In this section we post information about the most significant for us and our partners events related to the life of the company and its products.

We Are Implementing the TeslaSCADA2 Runtime Remote Control And Monitoring System For Solutions Based on TERMANIK Heaters
“ThermoTech” NPP, being a high-tech and innovative company, helps its customers maintain an equally high level of productivity and competitiveness through the implementation of new technologies not only in the matter of heat supply and heating, but also in the management of these processes after acquisition and launch. From now on, we will offer and […]
Запуск блочно-модульной электрокотельной Терманик Модуль
Launch of a Modular Boiler House
Specialists from NPP “ThermoTech” in collaboration with the Customer’s specialists has launched the “Termanik Module 2500” a block-modular electric boiler house with a total installed capacity of 2.5 MW The boiler house includes three block modules beneath the same roof. Inductive-conductive electric boilers are placed in two block modules; in the third module there are […]
Золотой Знак качества Терманик
TERMANIK Gains the Golden Quality Badge Again
In mid-May of this year, the res ults of the competition “Russian Brand. Quality Badge of 21st Century” were summarized. The quality of TERMANIK inductive-conductive electric boiler manufactured by NPP “ThermoTech” has passed a test and received a positive conclusion from the tender committee. Thus, the equipment confirmed high quality and repeatedly received the award […]
“TERMANIK MODULE” for Heating Oil in a Tank
At the beginning of 2019, The Scientific Industrial Enterprise Nauchno-Proizvodstvennoe Predpriyatie “Termicheskiye Tekhnologii” shipped the next modular electric boiler house “TERMANIK MODULE” on the basis of inductive-conductive electric boilers “Termanik”. This equipment intends for heating oil in an RVS-5000 tank with a 5000 m3 capacity. In accordance with technological requirements, the equipment must provide continuum […]
Терманик - лучший бренд Новосибирской области
Termanik is The Best Brand of The Novosibirsk Region
At the end of 2018, the Termanik induction heating equipment brand owned by NPP “ThermoTech” was nominated for the “Best Brand of the Novosibirsk Region” title – a competition held by the Novosibirsk City Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Support Entrepreneurship of the Novosibirsk Region. According to […]
Директор НПП ТермоТех Бардокин В.А.
Interview With the Director of NPP “ThermoTech” Vladislav Bardokin
“It’s better to be at the top of your own game than to be multitask being average.” We meet with Vladislav Bardokin in the administrative office of the company, which is located in the city of Novosibirsk, on ul. Ordzhonikidze. The situation in the office is easiest to describe with the phrase “no frills.” Of […]