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The Scientific Industrial Enterprise Nauchno-Proizvodstvennoe Predpriyatie “Termicheskiye Tekhnologii” (NPP “ThermoTech”) was found in 2006 in Russia and has been developing and manufacturing induction low-frequency electric boilers from then on.  Since 2015 all the products of the company have been known on the market under the TERMANIK brand.

Termanik by TermoTech

The design of induction boilers is based fundamentally on results of investigations of the Electrical Engineering Chair of NSTU which was patented by the “Termicheskiye Tekhnologii” company.

NPP “TermoTech” has advanced industrial base, highly qualified engineers and craft employees, extensive experience in the adaptation of induction boilers at customer’s sites throughout Russia. NPP “TermoTech” produces not only standard range of induction boilers but also develops unique heating devices, taking into account the requirements and wishes of customers.

TermoTech manufacturing

The company has developed and produces boilers of inductive-conductive (induction) type with unit capacity from 5 kW to 6300 kW. The operating life of the induction boilers reaches 30 years. The equipment is widely used in industry both in providing thermal energy (autonomous heating systems, hot water supply), and in the technological processes of industrial enterprises (oil products heating, drying chamber heating, galvanic baths heating, etc.).

Fields of operating

For all the time while the company produces induction boilers, vast experience has been gained in installation and operating of this type of equipment. The design of “Termanik” induction boiler is completely improved and is produced in accordance with high quality standards, confirmed by GOST ISO 9001-2011 certificate.

They trust us

The equipment has all the necessary certificates, as well as numerous awards confirming the high quality of the boilers and high demand for them on the market.

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