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Промышленные индукционные водонагреватели

Hot water supply systems

based on induction electric boilers

Установки индукционного технологического нагрева

Technological heat

supplying solutions

based on induction electric boilers

Индукционное отопительное оборудование электрокотлы

Heating equipment

based on induction electric boilers

Производство индукционных электрокотлов

Advanced manufacturing


Индукционные котлы электронагреватели

Induction boilers

For autonomous heating, hot water supply and industrial heating processes.
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Induction type electric boilers and water heaters that operates at frequency of power line (50/60 Hz)

Power efficient equipment for heating and HWS

Welcome to the official website of TermoTechnologies The Scientific Production Enterprise. We specialize in induction electric boilers production that is used for autonomous heating (boilers and boiler rooms), hot water supply (industrial water heaters) and industrial process heating. We are experts in this scope; therefore, we are ready to research and develop unique heating units that suits to the tasks of a customer.
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Details Терманик Комплекс тепловой узел на базе индукционных электрокотлов_каталог
Autonomous heating is one of the most popular scopes of application for TERMANIK induction heaters. Self-containment, high fire safety and electrical safety, long lifetime (more than 30 years) and durability allow the apply TERMANIK heaters in those processes where reliability and easy maintenance are highly important.
Hot water supplying
Details Терманик ГВС горячее водоснабжение объектов
The manufacturing of an industrial water heaters based on the TERMANIK induction electric heaters - is one of the competencies of our company. There are two varieties of hot-water boilers: with standard accumulative tankage kit, and without tankage that can be used as tankless water heater or could be connected to the customers tankage.
Industrial heat supply
Details Терманик каталог технологический нагрев
Industrial heat supply is one of the most important scopes of application for TERMANIK induction heaters. Standard products are rarely used in this sphere: for each technological heating process we are ready to offer unique heater that meets most our customer’s tasks and interests (heating up to 220C/428F).
Module boiler house
Details Терманик Модуль
“Termanik Module” is a type of heating equipment mounted inside an individual modular building (container). The composition of such equipment includes induction electric heaters “Termanik”, hydraulic piping (electrical, circulating pumps, shut-off and control valves, instrumentation, control system, etc.) and the module building itself. This is a heating unit (boiler house) of a high factory readiness.
Our capabilities are your advantages
Иконка надежность
There is no overloaded or required periodic replacement elements
Иконка эффективность
Energy efficiency
Power efficiency up to 98%, power factor 0.985
Добросовестный партнер иконка
Conscientious and honest business partner
We always honor an obligations and ship without delay
Помощь в подборе
Equipment calculation for free
Our Specialists will calculate the required number and configuration of equipment
Cost effectiveness
Minimal control and no need to replace any elements ever
Иконка пожарная безопасность
Fire safety
The heat exchanger is only 60-70 degrees (F) hotter than the heat-transfer liquid
Иконка электробезопасность
Electrical safety
Highest electrical protection
Иконка долговечность
Operational life is more than 100 000 hours (more than 30 heating seasons)
Our Products
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Терманик Комплекс видео
29 March 2022
Today we’d like to report you about the TERMANIK COMPLEX induction heating complex. From the video you will learn more about the components of the equipment and the features of its use. The presentation is conducted by the Operational Director NPP “Thermotech” Roman Sobolev. Video in Russian.
We Are Implementing the TeslaSCADA2 Runtime Remote Control And Monitoring System For Solutions Based on TERMANIK Heaters
18 August 2020
“ThermoTech” NPP, being a high-tech and innovative company, helps its customers maintain an equally high level of productivity and competitiveness through the implementation of new technologies not only in the matter of heat supply and heating, but also in the management of these processes after acquisition and launch. From now on, we will offer and […]
Запуск блочно-модульной электрокотельной Терманик Модуль
Launch of a Modular Boiler House
05 August 2020
Specialists from NPP “ThermoTech” in collaboration with the Customer’s specialists has launched the “Termanik Module 2500” a block-modular electric boiler house with a total installed capacity of 2.5 MW The boiler house includes three block modules beneath the same roof. Inductive-conductive electric boilers are placed in two block modules; in the third module there are […]
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